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 2018CMIE EXPO                                       
The 15th China (Qingdao) International Meat Industry Exhibition         

中国. 青岛国际博览中心                                                   
Qingdao International Expo Center



(CMIE)Abundant End User Visitors Attending for 15Years

The exhibition will be held on August 2-5, 2018in Qingdao International Convention Center through the CMA and WMA’s admission. We will invite domestic and overseas meat processing companies and scientific research institutions to gather together in Qingdao by then. CMIE has been successfully held for 13 years, and during these 13 years’ development, it has improved a lot no matter in exhibition scale, exhibitors number, professional visitors or deal amount on site. CMIE has been one of the most successful meat industry exhibitions. The last event was held on May 4-6, 2015 in Qingdao International Convention Center, attracting over 400 companies from Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, USA, Poland, Argentina, Spain, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, etc. The exhibition area is 27,000 sqm, booths are 800, professional visitors are 32164, foreign enterprises are 211.


CMIE gained the support from national industry association and government. As one of the most famous meat exhibition, it has attracted exhibitors from over 20 countries. Professional visitors, purchasers, and distributors are around 300,000. On site deal amount was up to RMB 0.2 billion. Meat companies from all over the world communicate and negotiate in the field of meat products, machinery, package, additive ingredients, meat processing technology, scientific and technological achievements through the platform of CMIE. This promotes the sustainable development and scientific and technological innovation, also add new energy for the companies’ development, brand improvement and trade.
CMIE重磅出击—Meat Processing 肉类加工

The structure of our meat consumption has changed a lot. The tendency of frozen meat-hot fresh meat-frozen meat affect the change of our country’s meat processing industry. The meat products’ processing technology’s improvement, package and preservation equipment’s research and development, additions development also ensure the meat products’ nutrition, health, safe and freshness. Nowadays, except for the high-temperature meat products, low temperature products now become more and more popular through the processing of steaming, boiling, fuming, and toasting. Furthermore, the development of low fat, low salt, and high protein now gain the attention from the all sectors of society. It has been brought into the “National Food Nutrition Development Outline”for guidance and criterion.


The year of 2017 will be the key time for meat machinery and processing industry’s upgrade and transformation. Products need upgrade to adapt to the changes and new requires from the market. Qingdao CMIE Exhibition will show the technology innovation core companies, and promote technology communication and innovation. It will also improve products’ technological level, upgrade products’ equality, improve the manufacturing mode, as well as promote the products’ value. 2017CMIE is a strategic opportunity for companies’ upgrade, as well as the perfect show platform for the companies who get new economic benefits.

CMIE全新改版—Meat slaughtering 肉类屠宰

In the structure of meat producing, the percentage of beef, mutton and chicken has been improved from 15% to 35%. Beef and mutton--low fat&high protein , are not only the superior food, but also the main raw material for Muslim meat products. At the same time, it also promote the slaughter industry’s development, slaughter machinery’s automation and intelligence, application of robot halving system, automatic slaughter line and automatic dissection system. The continuous development of domestic meat processing equipment also reduce the purchasers and companies’ costs at the same time.


CMIE锁定行业—New market oriented市场新导向
调整畜禽结构  适应市场需求

Adjusting the structure of livestock, adapting to market demand
Pork is the main meat consumption of our people, with the stable development of pigs, we also need to expand the scale of beef and mutton. Agricultural and pastoral areas are constantly increasing brand awareness. Since poultry meat has a huge market in the fast-food industry, we need to focus on the development of poultry meat. At the same time, the appropriate development of special meat and will  meet the diversification needs of the quality life . CMIE grasp the market demand information and concerned about industry trends. We will meet with the meat industry colleagues, outstanding equipment suppliers in 2018 Qingdao.

Explore new meat preservation technology
Lots of new products and technologies were displayed on the past exhibitions. It helps extend the shelf life and meat safety, which plays an important rule in meat production. In foreign countries, the application of many new technologies promote the development of meat preservation, such as  cooking preservation technology, radiation technology, microwave technology, high-voltage pulse technology, high pressure technology, etc. In China,application of Streptococcus lactis, chitosan, tea polyphenols, mannan and others on meat preservation is also in the research stage.


Standardization of meat and meat products cold chain logistics
The government has put forward a relevant law,  Specification for cold chain logistics of meat and meat products, which will come into effect on Jan.1,2017.It sets the basic rule on cold chain logistics of meat and meat products, packaging/labeling, risk control,etc.. According to the request of the law,  CMIE invite lots of brand companies to attend the exhibition, aiming to promote the development and standardization of cold chain logistics of meat and meat product.


Testing instrument manufacturers and testing service departments
In order to promote the development of meat industry, 2018 CMIE will upgrade the meat products testing area,invite well-known testing instrument manufacturers and service departments.

2017全新开启  CMIE中国肉类工业展

2017 New beginning of CMIE
CMIE will be held on August 2-5,2018 at Qingdao International Expo Center. As the only brand food machine exhibition around the Bohai bay in Northern China,CMIE provide a professional platform for the communication of suppliers of buyers .

行业需求分布China-MIE 2017 Visitor Profile
Industry Demand Distribution 

Meat processing/aquatic product processing   肉食加工/水产加工          19.1% 
Prepared food/meat ingredients               调理食品/肉食配料加        14.1% 
Convenient/leisure meat processing           方便/休闲肉类加工          7.9%                                 
Packaged meat/meat refrigerated              肉品包装/肉品冷藏           8.5%                                           
Slaughter/aquaculture processing plant       屠宰/养殖加工厂             2.3%   
Meat Processing Techniques                   肉类加工配套技术            6.2%                         
Meat Sale/Agency                             肉类经销/代理商             5.2%                                        
Supermarket/Hotel/Restaurant Meat Purchasing Department    商超/酒店/餐饮肉食采购部     1.2%   
Inspection and quarantine institutions/scientific research Units  检测检疫机构/科研单位 35.5%   
CMIE Buyers Job Function职位分类
CEO,General Manager                         董事长、总经理             31.87%                               
Department Manager, Sale Manager            部门经理、采购经理         43.07%                        
Production/Technology Manager               生产/技术经理              13.65% 
Equipment Maintenance/Engineer              设备维护/工程师             3.32% 
Market,Sale                                 市场、销售人员             4.10%
Scientific research personnel               科研人员                   2.12%
Related Industry Visitor                    相关行业人士               1.87%
Forward Future---Build Comprehensive, Diversification Exhibition Platform
Strong media support team
Focusing on East Asia and Southeast Asia, and radiating the industry globally, we will designate specified team for all-round promotion with "Three media track”.  CMIE will promote the exhibition via strong advertising. 52 General mass media, 230 more than the industry website,102 Professional magazine for advertising,180 more than one blog Forum,40 Business letter, 50 / Monthly text messages, 100 / Monthly email.

Audience one-on-one invitations
JINNOC has been hosting exhibitions at home and abroad for 17 years with a huge buyer information CRM Visitor management system, and is able to target every exhibitor corresponding to the customer base, through large data sector, with 86 personnel working effectively on one-on-one business invitation, in order to build a strong pairing effects, and achieve the effect of exhibits corresponding to customers, customers finding the desired products.

Domestic promotion
National industry exhibition
Investment promotion department / Customer service personnel will attend industry exhibition within China, and distribute CMIE Exhibition invitation / Tickets to industry exhibitors, and will invite media, the industry associations across the country, heads of government departments for production procurement to visit the show.


Achieve new record--2018 CMIE
Jinnoc Expo has held exhibition for 17 years, now has such branch companies: Beijing branch, Shanghai Branch, Guangzhou Branch, Shenyang Branch, Kunshan Branch, Jinan Branch, Yantai Branch and Nocmall. It has 300 employee, and database center department consist of 86 people. The CMIE Qingdao Meat Exhibition will apply the new purchasing resource, gained the support from Government, industry association and media, will ensure the exhibitors’ benefits, as well as set a high-effective platform between suppliers and buyers.  It will be a industry exhibition of numerous visitors and large deal amount. Welcome more professional exhibitors join our CMIE, to share the new chances of China meat processing industry!


Why Join in CMIE展
●  Can meet the buyers from Shandong, North China, North Jiangsu, Beijing-Tianjin, etc and overseas, use the platform to advertise, establish your industry status, show your company image, as well as introduce your products face to face through participating the CMIE.
●  CMIE invites the industrial purchasers from all over the country, to promote communication and deal on site.
●  CMIE is the perfect portal for your realizing the new trends of the market, news of the industry, communication of technology ideas, as well as exploring potential customers.
●  CMIE will invite famous brands to communicate, optimize products, and explore new technology.
●  You can also seek sales and agency cooperation through CMIE, improve the percentage of your products of the country.
At the same time, CMIE uses the Internet platform and information communication technology to combine the new industry with traditional ones, aims to a new style of exhibition. It also will promote the new industry to be the main industry in future.

●  参加CMIE展,可与国内山东、华北、苏北、京津等地区及海外买家会面,借助展会宣传平台,奠定自己行业内地位,展示企业形象,直观介绍产品更具说服力。
●  CMIE展重点邀请全国行业采购商,现场沟通、有效达成定单,完成市场销售份额。
●  CMIE展是您了解市场最新动态,把握行业准确脉搏,交流技术理念,挖掘潜在客户的绝佳平台。
●  CMIE展将邀请国内外大品牌参展阵容,进行行业交流,产品优化、新技术研发。
●  您可以通过CMIE展寻求经销、代理合作,发挥国内市场扩张力,提高产品市场占有率。

VIP Exhibitor Privileges
1.Publications and online promotion opportunity before and during the show time
Ads on exhibition preview, visitor kit,exhibition catalogue,tickets,technical seminars, official website,internet, video interviews and television stations
2.Sponsor opportunities of  VIP dinner and sourcing fair
CMIE will organize VIP sourcing fair,  the sponsor will get the naming rights,on-site ads and on-line /off-line  business interaction opportunities. 
1. 展会前期及现场宣传刊物和线上推广机会


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